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BRICS cooperation for sustainability

The south of Russia plays to economy of the Russian Federation the same role, as the countries BRICS in global economy: low cash incomes of the population, but positive dynamics of all economic indicators increases a region share in economy of Russia. Foreign investors are usually begin acquaintance to the country in it capital. But after visiting of the southern Russia they have always spoke: «If Moscow is the center, the South is a pearl of Russia». The southern Russia is bordered with the rivers Don and Volga, Black and Caspian sea. Here comes the border between Europe and Asia. During ancient times here passed the well-known silk way.

How can we survive the crisis?

Of late, people keep asking, "How can we survive the crisis?" Scenario No.1 proposes total relaxation until better times arrive. Scenario No.2 requires a concerted effort to control liquidity, monitor markets, reconsider plans and projects, and establish new business in new markets which will allow them over time to join those who opted for the first scenario and to relax. In either case, the main thing is to stay calm.

The word 'crisis' has negative connotations, although it simply means 'a sharp, abrupt reversal in something'. If development occurred independently of the surrounding environment, then we would be able to see economic reproduction in a ‘pure’ form, i.e. growth proportional to the level of development achieved. In reality, as different resources develop at different rates, 'pure' reproduction is limited.

Southern Russia: New Area of Growth for the Russian Economy Southern Russia: New Area of Growth for the Russian Economy

Russia is one of the four rapidly growing BRIC economies. Some parts of the country are developing particularly quickly, including the Southern Federal District, which covers the area of 591 thousand km2 and has the population of 23 million people.

Recently, Southern Russia has enjoyed a surge of popularity thanks to the Sochi city had been selected as the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. At a more fundamental level, dynamic growth rates and other economic indicators reveal very positive trends and highlight the significance of the southern district’s role in the economy of Russia as a whole.

Southern Russia is the only region to have seen its population growing in recent years, resulting from both the higher birth/lower death rates and the migration. People are attracted to southern Russia because of its fantastic climate conditions, its ecologically clean environment and its expanding economy. This is the region where parents feel confident about their children's futures.

Regional banks are effectively managing regional risks and becoming reliable partners for investors

Center-Invest is the largest private bank headquartered in the Rostov region, an important economic centre in southern Russia. Here the bank's Chairman, Professor Vassily Vysokov, explains why the most interesting banking activity is taking place in Russia's regions

"South of Russia plus": the new strategy of Bank Center-Invest "South of Russia plus": the new strategy of Bank Center-Invest

Dr Vasily Voskov talks about the advantages of the Southern Federal District of Russia, and, based on the Bank's Center-Invest own experience, introduces the opportunities for potential investors

Foreign partners of Bank Center-Invest usually say after visiting Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar or Sochi: “If Moscow is the centre, then the South is the pearl of Russia”. This seems to be accepted.

Russia needs a new industrialisation for all of the regions and all of the economic sectors. The South Russian region has many advantages, which are due to the natural recourses and climatic conditions.